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R.I.P Steve Jobs

While I was never an Apple user; I remember seeing Apple computers in school before the Windows era of computing came to be. My first computer experienced happened on an iMac from 1999, and iPod mini from 2006. I remember thinking to myself when using it in my house. just how fast and beautifully designed it was in comparison to the other computers that were running Windows variants. Steve was a great part of Apple and he helped define the way people viewed their computers and phones. He was one of the first to fully support touch technology as well and make it work like a charm. I still remember the moment I first saw an iPhone commercial and I thought to myself; "Wow, that's a really amazing phone. Finally, something that I could use". My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by this horrible loss. While we may have lost a legend who helped show technology in a edgy light; we will never lose the spirit that shapes Apple as being one of the many amazing and truly special companies out there. It's a shame to see him go so soon, but may he look down upon everyone with smiles knowing in the skies just what an amazing legacy he left behind. This isn't the end but only the start of something even more beautiful than imagined. R.I.P Steve Jobs. You will be missed but never forgotten. (斎)

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